Café Bouchon opened its doors in December 2003 in a sleepy side-street of Budapest’s 6th. district near the ’Pest Broadway’ at 33, Zichy Jenő utca.

Its name comes from the French ‘La Bouchon’ meaning ‘the cork of the wine bottle’. More importantly however - and that was our main inspiration in choosing this name- it is also the name for little-, family-run restaurants in the province of Lyon. These wonderful places are not ‘real’ restaurants but family homes where in addition to enjoying a superb cuisine we can also gain an insight into the locals’ everyday lives. We may enjoy their hospitality while discovering the secrets of French cooking which rather than offering tiny portions on huge plates chooses to focus on tradition and on the harmony and perfect composition of the finest flavours. This means we can become part of the host family, with no one ‘watching the minutes before the can clear the table’, but they appreciate the fact that we chose them as our hosts. This very idea motivates us to provide for our guest at Café Bouchon and we are intent on doing our utmost so you can feel at home.

The interior reflects the ambiance on the early 20th Century. In those days the Café had a different meaning. It used to be the ‘place’ for friends, writers, poets where if they only stayed for a short breakfast they were very welcome and they regular visits created a sense of community to which newly joining guests were happy to belong.

This is the atmosphere we would like Café Bouchon to be known for.

That is why this restaurant is the place where the past meets the future. European flavours come together with traditional Hungarian aromas. The business lunch meets the family dinner, Grandma’s cakes join he best French cheeses on the dinner able. Our menus offer a wide selection of dishes: delicious soups, home-baked desserts and something for every taste. Our dishes may be ordered in child-portions. We are always at your disposal offering Business Lunches and traditional Hungarian dishes.

You will also find the highest quality wines from he very best vineyards of Hungary and they are also available by the glass

Do visit us at Café Bouchon and enjoy the excellent food and atmosphere!


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